The district in which our mine resides comprises three municipalities, namely Gamagara, Ga-Segonyana and Joe Morolong. These communities feature a largely young population, with the majority of people having limited or no formal education. In this sparsely populated area - dominated by desert conditions featuring little infrastructure - poverty and unemployment are rife.

Sebilo seeks to employ as much unskilled labour as possible from the neighbouring communities, and to create opportunities for the acquisition of skills that will make the community more employable, or better poised to start their own enterprises, thus improving their quality of life.

Mining [photo]

Social and Labour Plan projects completed:

Renovation of Tsineng Primary School

Upgrades to the existing infrastructure and, in response to pressing need, the construction of a septic tank for a safe and necessary waste system.

Tsineng Primary School [photo]
Tsineng Primary School [photo]

Tsineng livestock farming

Building of windmills, drilling boreholes, providing water troughs and erecting fences for farmers in Tsineng and surrounding communities—totalling 13 villages—to improve conditions for farming and in doing so create jobs in the area.

Tsineng livestock farming [photo]
Tsineng livestock farming [photo]

Establishment of Ba Ga Motlhware Trust

Assisting the Trust to compile a 10-year development plan designed to capacitate the Batlharo Ba Ga Toto Traditional Authority and guide and inform its planning, development and resource management.

Good Hope water reticulation project

This area of the province has been particularly hard-hit by drought in recent years. Sebilo has assisted the community through the Good Hope Water Reticulation project, that involved refurbishing the infrastructure that serves 180 households.

Fact Sheet

Fact sheet

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