Company overview

About us

Sebilo Resources (Pty) Limited (Sebilo) – established in 2004 – is a wholly black-owned South African junior mining company, focused on manganese ore and fines production.

At Sebilo Resources, we mine, operate, manage and market our product directly to end users. This end-to-end participation in the mining value chain – and the fact that our founders originate in this part of the country – allows us to differentiate ourselves from other junior miners and the big mining companies operating in the area.

Mining [photo]

Corporate Profile

Sebilo’s corporate office is in Johannesburg, South Africa, while Perth Mine, our current mining operation, is near Hotazel, some 80km north-west of Kuruman, in the Kalahari Basin of South Africa’s Northern Cape province. The basin contains 80% of the world’s known manganese ore reserves.

Sebilo is 74% held by Tawana Investment Holdings with the remaining 26% held by a community trust, small companies and individuals from the Kuruman area.

Management has considerable industry expertise and experience, and a sound knowledge of the Northern Cape and its communities.

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Our strategy is to grow from junior to mid-tier status through exploration, development and acquisition, managing our business in such a way as to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities around us.

Our goal is to diversify our mining interests and operating subsidiaries to ensure Sebilo is well positioned to pursue growth opportunities.

Mining [photo]